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Your online pet center for the health & needs of your pet
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End Fleas Today is your online pet center for the health & needs of your pets. End Fleas Today Pet Supply shows you how to get rid of pesky fleas on your pets and in your home. Our online pet supplies & service center gives you the best information on pet health, products & services for your dog, cat or other pets.  Below is just some of what you will find here:

(1) On-Line Shopping for Pet Supplies
  • End Fleas Today always strives to bring you the latest, up to date, online pet supplies & service for your dog, cat or other pets.  

(2) How to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Pets

  • Killing fleas on your pets, has never been easier than today with the monthly Spot Applications.  They are the NEW method for killing fleas.

  • Frontline or Advantage.  Which one to choose?  A Video Shows HOW to apply Frontline, However the same technique applies to Advantage as well.

                 ATTENTION Cat Owners: It has been noted recently that
                     some flea medications, flea shampoos and other products have the
                     ingredient --- permethrin.  Cats, are highly susceptible to the toxic
                     effects of permethrins. Application of permethrin-based insecticide to a
                     cat will usually result in toxic signs within 6 hours and you should seek
                     a veterinarian immediately.

         Frontline, Advantage, and Revolution are all safe for cats.  There is no
         mention of problems using medications with permethrin on dogs,  however,  a
         highly sensitive dog could have a reaction from mild to severe. If this happens
         consult a veterinarian. 

(3) How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Home
  • There are several kinds of fleas, but we are going to focus on the most common   problems:  Dog fleas and cat fleas.  Flea infestions are not only bad for your pets   health, they invade your HOME and torment humans with bites.  To get rid of fleas   requires diligence and time (can take several weeks).

(4) Pet News Watch
  • End Fleas Today's primary focus is on Alerts, Warnings, Recalls and health related issues, to bring you the latest up to date information for your pets health and well-being. You can also stay up to date with our RSS news feed.

(5) Pet Alert and Product Recall
  • End Fleas Today  keeps an updated library of product recalls within the last 12 months. The information contained in this section involves recalls and alerts issued regarding pet and animal feeds, including dog and cat foods and treats as well feeds for livestock, poultry and other species. The information is based on reports and alerts received from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and/or the manufacturers.

(6) Other Important Pet Information
         End Fleas Today  keeps an updated library of Pet Resourses :
  • Breeds of Dogs and Cats
  • Cat and Dog Breeders
  • Pet Adoption / No-Kill Shelters
  • How to treat Flea Bites

Thank you for stopping in and hope you will return soon...We are always changing to bring you the best information and products for your pets.